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Hymns from the Bedroom

Hymns from the Bedroom is a personal journal of friends and people I’ve encountered whilst wandering around London for inspiration. Most of whom are creative twenty-something’s on the threshold of their dreams and ambitions, ranging from performance artists, musicians, actors and fashion designers to strippers, and those who live on the fringes of society. Each of my documentations implicitly tells a story about its subject and his or her creative endeavors in life, whether actual or aspirational. These candid, intimate and sometimes subversive portraits also explore related themes of gender, sexuality, relationships and family, particularly in a sub-cultural context. One of the main catalysts for developing this series of portraits, and the living thread that runs throughout this work, are the relationships I develop with my subjects. I photograph these people again and again , spanning over a decade , noticing and capturing subtle nuances in their characters, which naturally seep through into the pictures and deepen my ongoing perspective.

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